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New Website Launched

The Web Transformation team is delighted to announce that the first release of the University’s new website is now live. This release is primarily focussed on student recruitment (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and some Postgraduate Research) with initial Research and Innovation content.

The timeline for subsequent releases is as follows:

  • Release 2 (focus on Research and Innovation and Business) – October 2018
  • Release 3 (focus on staff facing content and content for current students) – December 2018
  • Release 4 (focus on content for other support services, e.g. sport and any other business) – December 2018

During this transition period, the new website will be available at with redirects to our old website on

Please remember, this new website is the start of the University’s new web presence and is a large, complex piece of work. The copy, imagery and designs reflect the new brand and tone of voice and as an improvement on our old site, amends and updates are easy to deploy.

Thank you very much for your support and contribution to this significant project over the last year. We intend to work with you over the coming months and into the future to perfect the site.

If you have feedback or questions about the new site, please submit these via the Service Desk and a member of the Web Transformation team will be in touch.

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  1. New website looks fab when using Chrome and Firefox, with IE – images are missing and a long list of pages. Is it still work in progress for IE?


    • Thank you both for your comments. The new website has been designed for and tested on a range of operating systems, browsers and devices, including Internet Explorer. The website displays optimally on Windows 10, which is being rolled out to all student computers for the new academic year and all staff by December. We’re aware it doesn’t display well for staff who still have Windows 7 on their PCs. Windows 7 is an old system dating back to 2009 and official Microsoft support for Windows 7 is ending (extended support period to cease 14 Jan 2020). The new website works very well for the vast majority of external web visitors as only 6% of our external traffic comes from Internet Explorer. We hope this explanation helps. Thanks again

  2. Dear Sir or Madam
    Just to let you know that, if you follow the link you have provided in this communication using Windows, the website looks very strange. The photos are HUGE, with just a few words under them and there is no real information – just massive photos.

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