The reading list rollover is almost upon us

The reading list system rollover will take place on Thursday 2 August.  On this date, all published reading lists with this year’s date will change to show as current reading lists for the coming academic year.  In order to ensure a smooth and worry free transition it is therefore very important that you make a brief survey of your online reading lists and make sure you have:

  • published all the draft reading lists you are working on, so that they will automatically be changed to the coming year’s date;
  • left all next year’s reading lists with a 2017-18 date;
  • changed the date for any reading list you might have manually changed to a 2018-19 date back to 2017-18 (it is a strange quirk of the reading list system that * any list showing next year’s date will be changed to the previous year on rollover);
  • invited the library to review any reading lists that are new or recently updated, so that we can ensure we buy a sufficient number of copies to meet student demand (click the “Request review” button in the reading list edit screen).

Thank you for taking the time to check your reading lists at this very busy time of year.  Your assistance is much appreciated and will ensure we are able to offer your students the best possible experience next year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Faculty Librarian in the first instance.

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