Langstone Campus and University Bus Service

Student accommodation at the Langstone campus will close on 31 July. Since the University Bus was originally put in place to serve the student accommodation at Langstone, this has resulted in a review of the service and a revised summer route will start from 1 August.

Student demand for rooms at Langstone has decreased over time with more popular options in the city centre and Southsea, including more modern university halls and accommodation provided by external companies. Substantial investment would have been needed to update the accommodation at Langstone and as a result a decision was taken in 2017 to close the accommodation.  

The new bus service will more closely match where students live in the city based on travel survey results from students and staff.

New Bus Service

The existing inter site bus service will continue to run from Langstone to the main campus in the city centre until 31 July on its out of term timetable.

A new circular bus service will start from 1 August with a new route for the summer timetable, in response to student feedback over many years and more recently through the student travel survey organised by the Students’ Union as part of a wider University travel plan.

The new service will no longer travel to Langstone, but it will run with stops at Bransbury Park in Eastney, Prince Albert Road, Francis Avenue, Fratton Bridge, Winston Churchill Avenue and Cambridge Road, with new stops at Elm Grove, Kings Theatre, Festing Hotel and Eastney Health Centre.

The new summer timetable will run from 7.36am to 6.37pm on weekdays instead of the current 8.00am to 5.36pm timetable.

The summer service will continue to operate from Monday to Friday until 7 September and is free for students and staff if they show their staff/student ID cards. Discussions are ongoing with the Students’ Union and other local partners about a term time bus service starting from 10 September, with details to be published when they’re finalised as part of the University’s wider travel plan.

Future of Langstone campus

Image by Lisa Wearn

The sport pitches, changing facilities and car park at Langstone will continue to be used by students, as they cannot be provided elsewhere in the city. Alternative travel arrangements are being discussed for students who would have used the University bus for sport at Langstone.

Plans for the future of the site will be developed, with several options being looked at. In the meantime, the accommodation blocks will be closed and appropriate security measures put in place to safeguard the site.

Barnard Tower will be kept in the short to medium term as it has a number of communication transmitters and mobile phone masts on the roof which are important for the University. Some of the smaller buildings could be demolished in preparation for anything we do in the future, but no decisions have been made.

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  1. I doubt that this will be too much of a push, but can ‘Fratton Lidl’ still be a stop on the new timetable for students that live near fratton Park stadium?
    This addition shouldn’t be too much of a push because after this stop there’s a roundabout less than 50 meters down the road that will allow the buses to turnaround if need be.

    • Hi, the circular bus route stops at Lidl.

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