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Please help us prepare for the annual reading list rollover

The annual reading list rollover will take place in early August. Until then, please do not re-date your list. When the lists roll over, all 2017-18 lists will automatically be redated 2018-19.  If you have 2017-18 lists which are not going to be used next year, please contact your Faculty Librarian with details of these lists as soon as possible.

If you have new units requiring lists, please contact your Faculty Librarian to set up blank lists to populate prior to August these will still be dated 2017-18.  If you are creating reading lists for new units or substantially revising old ones, please click the “request review” button when these are complete and library staff will take steps to ensure that sufficient items are made available as soon as possible.

We really appreciate your help at this busy time of year.  The time you invest now helps us ensure your students have everything they need for a happy and productive year come September.

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