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Do you know the SCORE at Portsmouth? New Student Charter approved

A new Student Charter for the University has been approved, outlining a shared set of co-created principles that staff and students agree will contribute to an outstanding student experience.

The Charter has been developed by staff and students with representation drawn from across the University, over the course of the academic year.

The aim was to make the Charter something the whole University community would feel they could ‘sign up to’, and also more concise and memorable. The Charter has reduced in size from the existing eight-page booklet to a set of five core principles which summarise what students and staff should expect from each other during their time at the University, and help students achieve the Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate.

The principles of Support, Community, Opportunity, Respect and Education detailed below can also be more memorably recalled through the question – Do you know the SCORE at Portsmouth?

  • Support – seek out and nurture strong support networks and partnerships to help meet your academic, career, and personal needs.
  • Community – play your part in welcoming others into diverse, inclusive, global and local communities where ideas are shared, opinions are sought, and views are valued.
  • Opportunity – embrace challenges, be intellectually curious, and seize the broad range of opportunities provided within and beyond the curriculum.
  • Respect – value the people you meet and the places where you study, work, and live; be a role model in the ways you treat people with respect, equity and dignity.
  • Education – commit wholeheartedly to a stimulating learning environment, provide and respond to timely and constructive feedback, and push the boundaries of your subject.

James Thompson, the former President of the Students’ Union, and Amber Mathurin, former Vice President Activities, led from the front throughout the project.

James said: “When Amber and I first looked at the Student Charter, we thought it was worthy but wordy. Speaking to students, many found it quite dense reading whilst others were not even aware of it. But it was important to us that if the Charter was going to change it needed to involve a wide group of students and staff with a broad range of views of university life. We’re very proud of what’s been achieved, and for us personally it’s real legacy of our time at the Students’ Union.”

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience) Harriet Dunbar-Morris, who led the task and finish group, said: “This is a great example of staff and students working together towards a shared goal. I’m very grateful to all involved in co-creating our new Student Charter which really captures the essence of what we’re trying to achieve as a community here at Portsmouth.”


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