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Welcome to new Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers

Each year five Sabbatical Officers are elected by students to make positive changes to student life in Portsmouth. The Sabbatical team work throughout the year to deliver their manifesto points and support students should they need it.

Staff can contact the Sabbs as a collective via or can email them separately using the details listed below. The Union encourages staff to make their students aware of the Sabbatical Officers at the start of the year, highlighting them as a line of support should their students need it.

President, Violet Karapaseva

As President, Violet leads the Sabbatical Team and assumes ultimate responsibility for the work of the Union and in creating a positive impact for all Portsmouth students.



VP Education and Democracy, George Pykov

As VP Education & Democracy, George represents the academic needs of all students at high-level University meetings. George helps to ensure the Union and Sabbatical Officers are democratic and student-led in their decisions.



VP Welfare and Community, Sophie Butler

As VP Welfare & Community, Sophie supports student welfare by raising awareness of support services whilst working with the University on issues affecting student wellbeing. Sophie also supports volunteering projects whilst helping to build relationships between students and the local community.



VP Sport, Charlotte Beaney

In the role of VP Sports, Charlotte will be supporting the development of sports clubs and recreational activities at the Union and encourages student engagement. Charlotte’s role involves representing the student voice on sporting issues both locally and nationally.



VP Activities, Moises Frias

As VP Activities, Moises supports Union Societies, RAG and Student Media, and encourages other students to get involved, signup and start new groups. He also helps student-led groups to develop key skills, run events and achieve national recognition


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