Summer Work at the University of Portsmouth

We are currently recruiting a pool of casual staff to work with the Department of Student and Academic Administration during three key events this summer:

1      Graduation Assistant: 12 – 21 July. Deadline for applications: 4 July

2      Confirmation and Clearing Assistant: 13 – 19 August. Deadline for applications: 13 July

3      International Student Registration Assistant: 5 – 21 September. Deadline for applications:  10 August

Please complete this application form

You may apply for one, two or all three posts – please indicate on the application form which posts you are available for. Successful applicants will be informed by email and exact days and hours of work will be confirmed at a later date closer to each event.

The rate of pay for all posts is £8.25 per hour, you will be paid for Graduation work at the end of August, Confirmation and Clearing work at the end of September and International Student Registration work at the end of October.

If you have friends or family that may be interested in these roles please let them know about these opportunities.

Please note that although hours are available for each of the roles detailed, not all staff will be required for all days at all events, and the amount of hours available will vary.

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  1. Is it too late to apply for Graduation Assistant. Above it says 4th July. On the application it says apply by 22nd June. Also is it possible to state which days I am available. Thank you

    • Hi Carolyn. It’s not too late. The dates in the article are correct, so you can apply for Graduation Assistant until 4 July. The form is being updated with the correct dates. Thanks

  2. Hello,

    Can my daughter who just finished her a levels apply for a position of Graduation Assistant

    • Hi Iwona. Applicants must be 16 or older, so someone who has just finished their A Level should be fine. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    What are the working hours?
    Just wondering if I could combine it with other work.
    Thank you,


    • Working hours will vary depending upon the role to which you apply and are appointed, but in general they will be full days and so would not be able to be combined with another job on the same day. The amount of work will also vary from a few days to a full week, so it would be up to the applicant whether to apply. We would recommend that you do apply, as we may be able to negotiate this.

  4. For the postal address on the application will this need to be my postal address at the end of august, as I will move house then? thanks

    • Hi Josie, you should put your current address for the record and then inform HR to get it changed once you have moved.

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