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Free drinks and dancing at this year’s Summer Staff Party

Staff have until this Friday, 29 June, to book tickets for the Staff Party on 6 July.

650 colleagues have already booked on to this year’s Summer Party where you will be given two free drinks vouchers to be exchanged for your choice of wine or beer at the Students’ Union bar.

Unlimited soft drinks will also be on offer throughout the event to keep guests refreshed and hydrated enough to dance the evening away on what will hopefully be a warm and sunny day.

Curry will be served from 5.00pm and a photo booth will be available for you to enjoy and remember the occasion.

Join colleagues and members of the University’s Executive Board, including the Vice-Chancellor, to celebrate a successful year for the University and to thank you for all your hard work.

Book tickets

Date: Friday 6 July 2018

Venue: Gun House Green (Students’ Union)


4.00pm – welcome drinks

5.00pm-7.00pm – supper

8.30pm – last orders

9.00pm – event close

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  1. Will there be anything to eat for those of us who detest curry?

    • I’m afraid only curry will be available with a vegetarian option but the food will be free for guests.

      • And yet we’re not allowed to bring in our own food either?? Very badly thought out… What is this University coming to?

        • There is free food available throughout the evening which is being served on recyclable plates and cutlery. At the end of the night all this can be recycled which will save staff time from sifting through other people’s rubbish sorting out recycling and waste at the end of the evening.

  2. Can I take my husband with me please.

    • Sorry Rose, the event is only open to staff members and you will need to show your ID card on entry.

  3. “Keep Korma and Curry on”

  4. Kids of uni staff are welcome, right?

    • This is a staff only event. Taking into consideration licensing and security implications it is deemed unsuitable for children.

  5. Last year was pants compared to the previous years. It felt cramped and not being able to bring children alienates a large percentage of the staff.
    Using licensing and security as an excuse is poor. It was managed absolutely fine in 2016 and before, why is it any different now?

    • In previous years the party was in Ravelin park which is not a licenced area. This year and last year it is being held in the waterhole bar/student union which is licenced. This means there are laws and regulation that come in to play for large numbers in a licenced area, ie no bringing of own drink, security staff.

    • I personally find these comments insulting to all the staff who work hard to put on these party’s for everyone else. Spare a though for all the catering staff who work very hard organising food ect for everyone else and have to work at these events and don’t get to actually enjoy the event as a guest. I thought Graham started these party’s as a thank you to all the staff for all their hard work at the end of the academic year so why should kids, family and friends benefit by being given free food and free drink. the clues in the name, this is a STAFF PARTY. Not all of us would even want to socialise with other peoples kids!”

  6. I was not aware of the staff party before the ticket deadline, so I have not booked my place. There is another person, who has a ticket, but will not use it.

    Can I attend the staff party if I have my staff card and/or that person’s ticket?

    • Hi Ivona, not a problem. Just turn up with your staff ID and that should be fine.

  7. Hiya,
    I forgot to book a place (blaming my pregnant baby brain!). Can I still come along this evening without a ticket?

    • Yes, just be sure to bring your staff ID and it shouldn’t be a problem.

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