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University lecturer brings dragons to life

Game of Thrones © 2017 HBO. All rights reserved. VFX by Image Engine Design.

When Jared Embley’s lecturing duties finish for the summer, he doesn’t take a well-earned break but focuses on his other professional role – a VFX artist for some of the world’s most successful feature films and TV series.

At the end of May, Jared will be heading to Canada where he will work for Image Engine Design, a company which has created visual effects for Game of Thrones. Jared, a lecturer in the School of Creative Technologies, does not yet know which project and production he will be working on but when he was employed by the company previously, he helped to create Game of Thrones dragon Drogon.

As well as providing effects for the winged, fire-breather, Jared has worked as a VFX artist for feature films including the X Men series, The Hunger Games and Kong: Skull Island. Jared said: “It’s great for me to be involved in some exciting projects and it’s good for the students to have a lecturer working in the industry. It’s highly competitive and I can give them a good idea of what they’re signing up for and teach them in a way that’s relevant to the real world.”

Jared’s showreel is available here

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  1. this is a lie. i really expected a real dragon

    • So sorry Jake – we think fire-breathing dragons only exist in stories and CGI (but we’ll let you know if we hear otherwise)! Thanks again and hope you enjoyed the article despite the lack of real dragons

  2. I once did battle with a dragon. You should have seen the dragon.

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