Protect your bike: Free bike marking clinics

Portsmouth City Council is working with Hampshire Constabulary and the University of Portsmouth to offer free bicycle security marking clinics.

Located outside the university library on Cambridge Road, the clinics run every other Thursday from 1.00pm until 3.00pm, and are open to all. The next clinics are:

  • Thursday 3 May
  • Thursday 17 May
  • Thursday 31 May

During the clinic, bikes will be permanently marked with a unique code, and added to the national Bike Register database. The national database makes it easier for police forces across the county to reunite stolen bikes with their owners. It can also act as a deterrent to would-be thieves as the bike is permanently inscribed, making it more difficult to sell.

Police want to promote sold secure bike locks and to promote good practice in cycle locking by, making sure that cycles are locked to a stand and any removable quick release wheels are also locked with a secondary lock.

Inspector Marcus Cator said: “We are working hard to try to reduce the number of cycle thefts in the city.

“We are holding free cycle marking events with our partners at Portsmouth City Council and we sell good quality D locks at Portsmouth Central Police Station at a reduced price.

“I would also urge people to follow our crime prevention advice, to make your bike less of a target for thieves.”

Top tips for good cycle security

  • fit a good bike lock, such as one with a Sold Secure rating, and attach your bike to something secure
  • always lock your bicycle, even if you are only leaving it for a couple of minutes
  • have your bike’s frame security-marked or etched
  • keep your bike in a secure garage or shed when at home
  • if you have quick-release wheels, lock them up as well or take them with you
  • remove lights from the bike and take them with you
  • register your bike with schemes such as Bike Register

Clinic dates are published on the council’s website:

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  1. If I have registered my details and bike frame serial number with the Immobilise website. Do I still need to have the frame marked?


    • I have looked into this for you and received the following response:

      when registering with Immobilise you just need the frame number, make and model. They do have the option of a RFID Tag at £14.29 ImmobiTag RFID Bike Tag (Solid Frame).

      I hope this helps.

    • No you do not need to have your frame marked if details are registered on immobilise. The bike marking is a visible deterrent as the bike has the sticker saying it is coded on display. The main message is to have the bike details recorded so that if found lost or stolen the bike can be returned to the owner

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