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New Grade Point Average being introduced for honours degrees

A new Grade Point Average is being introduced to University of Portsmouth honours degrees from this summer onwards.

This internationally recognised degree classification is being offered in addition to the traditional British undergraduate degree classification system of first, second and third class honours degrees.

Here are some frequently asked questions which you might find helpful.

What is a Grade Point Average?

It is a more internationally recognised method of degree classification, which gives a little more detail on your achievements as a student within your broader degree classification.

What is wrong with Degree Classifications?

Nothing! This is just an alternative measure. It is an additional not a replacement classification.

Who is it for?

It is a new method of classification for honours degree students only.

Where will I see it?

It will not be on your degree certificate. It will be on your transcript, your portal and your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

How do you work it out?

Each unit at Level 5 and 6 will be given a Grade Point from a nationally agreed table (available in the University Examination and Assessment Regulations).

At the end of your course we will collect together all of the Grade Points to work out your Grade Point Average using a formula available in the Examination and Assessment Regulations. Currently, this is:

“A weighted mean of the Grade Points from all relevant credits at Level 5 and 6 in the ratio of 40:60 respectively, after first discounting the Grade Points in the worst 20 credits at each level.”

Take a look at this example to work out your Grade Point Average.

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