Crowdfunding money returned for docked cycle scheme

All of the money raised for a University docked cycle scheme has been returned to those who contributed to a crowdfunding scheme.

Around £44,000 had been committed by individuals and organisations towards a Santander bike scheme competition against other universities, which would have attracted £100,000 of funding from Santander.

Santander have since selected two other winning schemes, whilst Portsmouth City Council recently launched an alternative ‘floating’ bike scheme as a pilot with 150 bikes available for rent via an app.

Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor, said: “Cycling is important in any city due to the many health and environmental benefits that it brings. This is particularly so in a compact and flat island city like Portsmouth, which is perfectly suited to cycling.

“We are pleased that the City Council has launched a bicycle sharing scheme and we very much hope that the Council’s ‘floating’ bike scheme is a success.

“It is our belief that it is better for the city to have a single bicycle scheme that can be universally supported, rather than two competing schemes. This being the case the University has, with some regret, decided to withdraw our own proposed ‘docked’ – or Boris Bike – cycle scheme.

“As the University’s scheme had a crowdfunding element, we have returned all of the money that individuals and organisations committed to our scheme. We would like to thank them for their support which was very much appreciated and for the hard work of our students in developing our proposal.”

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