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Anglesea Road works to start in May

Portsmouth City Council will start work next month on redesigned pedestrian crossings at the Anglesea Road/Park Road junction to make it safer for pedestrians when they cross the road.

The City Council recently announced its plans to enhance the crossing facilities to the south of the junction, whilst removing the narrow crossing to the north of the junction (outside Anglesea Building). New signal phasing, and removing the left hand turn into Park Road, will reduce waiting times for pedestrians, enable them to cross the road in one go, and improve the flow of traffic.

Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor, said: “The safety of the crossings at Anglesea Road and Park Road junction have been an area of significant concern for the University for a number of years so we are pleased that the City Council plans to improve the junction.

“The University believes that a crossing on the north side of the junction may be important for safety as it would follow the natural ‘desire lines’ of pedestrians crossing the road. We have developed and shared proposals for an improved north side crossing but the Council does not believe that these ideas are feasible at this time.

“As we are supportive of any scheme that improves the safety of all pedestrians, we have engaged in a constructive dialogue with the City Council about their proposals. We are pleased that they have agreed to monitor the impact of the new junction changes on pedestrian safety and to consider further changes if they prove necessary in the future.”

If you have further questions or concerns, or would like to report any issues, please contact the City Council’s project manager Ashley Chaplin: 023 9283 4834.

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  1. Will this affect parking behind Anglsea during the month of May?

    • As far as our Estates department is aware the car park will still be in use.

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