Voluntary Severance Scheme

The University and the trade unions (UCU and UNISON) are aware that the Higher Education sector is operating within a changing landscape. We need to respond to the sector challenges and to seek to create opportunities from them so that our long term strength and sustainability is secured.

Against this background, the University is working in partnership with UCU and UNISON to develop a Voluntary Severance Scheme which could be offered to all staff. Staff have made enquiries about the possibility of such a scheme and it would seem that there are some staff who would like to take the opportunity of leaving the University if this could be achieved through a mutually agreed financial package.

In view of the above, the University and the unions are consulting on the introduction of a time limited Voluntary Severance Scheme, with the wish to launch a scheme in early May open to all staff. Applications will be considered in light of the University’s operational, business, and strategic requirements. Further details are being developed in discussion with UCU and UNISON.

Please be assured further details will be communicated within the next two weeks.

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