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March 2018

Cybercrime Awareness Advice Available to Staff and Students

The Cybercrime Awareness Clinic is now providing free and confidential advice about cybercrime to staff and students at the University of Portsmouth.

Eyeing up a volunteering role?

People with no history of major eye disorders are being sought to help train future optometrists at the University. Sixteen people are needed for short appointments on April 26.

Scientist helps to find evidence that Great Pacific garbage patch is growing rapidly

New analysis reveals the Pacific Ocean contains as much as 16 times more plastic than previously estimated, with pollution levels increasing exponentially. 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing 80,000 metric tons are currently…

Geo-hazard Summer School for post-graduate students

UoP students from Geosciences and Creative Technology are invited to join other European students in a summer school funded by the Science and CCI cross-disciplinary Erasmus+ project 3DTeLC. Apply now to take part in something awesome!

M.I.N.D.E.R – Art Workshop 16+

Come along to an Art Workshop or pub quiz from student company, M.I.N.D.E.R. 

The likely impact of Brexit on the UK- European security intelligence and cooperation- a faint thud?

The last in the series of the Brexit as it Unfolds seminars, discussing the nature of UK European security intelligence arrangements on Tuesday 27 March.

Paradigm shift as African countries throw their weight behind ivory ban

Antique ivory – defined as pre-1947 worked ivory – is an exception and can be traded in the UK and EU. Flickr/James Picht Caroline Cox, University of Portsmouth Calls from conservation groups for…

Portsmouth to share in £1.5m funding to support mental health and wellbeing of PGR students

The mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate research (PGR) students is to be enhanced through a new project, led by the University of Portsmouth, which aims to increase students’ knowledge of mental health…

Welcome Ambassadors wanted to be a friendly face to new students

Could you be a friendly face to new students? Could you benefit from certified leadership training and prizes of up to £250?

Student Food Project wins £4,000 award as Enterprise Showcase Startup of the Year

A project to help students cook their own meals has won £4,000 of business support after being crowned Startup of the Year.

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