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Students show off their skills in engineering design challenge

First year undergraduate students from the Faculty of Technology had a taste of the ‘real world’ of engineering in a design challenge that required them to design, create, present and run a device to a strict technical specification.

Five students from the University placed third in the Regional Final Competition of the IMechE Design Challenge which enabled them to gain real-industry experience, practical employability skills and enhanced business and people skills.

With their team, Tüber, the students built a fully mechanically driven device designed to climb inside a 2.5m-height acrylic tube lifting an increasing load, which was in the form of a chain, and delivered a brilliant presentation and poster which won them £100.

One of the students, Hannah Hume said: “The IMechE challenge has been truly eye opening, I have learnt a considerable amount. For me, the best thing was the process of seeing the parts work, from them just being an idea in my head a few weeks before.”

Their design will be presented at an open event in the School of Engineering soon.

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