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Improved agreed arrangements for part-time hourly paid teaching staff

The University of Portsmouth and the University and College Union (UCU) have agreed on a package of measures aimed at improving and clarifying employment arrangements of part-time hourly paid teaching staff.

The University of Portsmouth acknowledges that past arrangements for holiday pay for this staff group were not sufficiently clear.  Changes have been agreed and implemented to provide this clarity and the University of Portsmouth has agreed to form a joint working group in partnership with UCU to review the future employment arrangements for part-time hourly paid staff.  The agreement also includes a jointly negotiated one-off payment to current hourly paid lecturers who worked for the University of Portsmouth in 2015/16 or 2016/17 academic years, as compensation for lack of clarity in the University’s approach to holiday pay.

This working party of UCU and University of Portsmouth will work towards establishing security of employment for teaching staff, which will help the University build on its recent successes, such as the TEF Gold Rating for Teaching Excellence.  This will involve UCU and University of Portsmouth agreeing a process for converting more staff from hourly paid contracts onto established ongoing ‘fractional’ part-time contracts. The University of Portsmouth and UCU have also agreed to reaffirm the importance of equal pay for work of equal value and will work in partnership towards this goal.

Moray McAulay, UCU Regional Official, said: “UCU is pleased to have negotiated this package of measures, which will be of immediate value to hard-working hourly paid staff and should lead to lasting improvements in the way that part-time staff are employed at the University. This demonstrates UCU’s ongoing commitment to campaigning for the rights of hourly paid staff in our universities and also shows the value of union membership.”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Galbraith said: “I value the significant contribution that our part-time hourly paid teaching staff make to the success of our University.  The package of measures which has been agreed with UCU demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that all staff are treated fairly, equally and in line with best employment practices. We welcome working in partnership with UCU to implement the measures outlined above and to continually improve our employment arrangements.”

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