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Film Student Produces Feature Film

William Kemeh is a BA Film Production student, who produced ‘In a Strange Land’ in collaboration with Rosaline Sanni Ajose.

The film was released in Nigeria on 2 March, following successful premieres of the film in London and Lagos, the film explores the concept of modern slavery, and human trafficking abuse.

After joining the University without a foundation qualification, William decided to try and find practical experience outside of the University, by exploring the African movie industry.

This direct approach put William in contact with several producers, who he was able to meet and collaborate with, to utilise the skills he had learnt on his course so far, which ultimately led him to be able to produce a feature length film in his first year at University.

William said: “I would say the experience has been phenomenal and educational. I am very proud of this achievement and it has given me an extensive knowledge and courage to get myself prepared for when I graduate.”

‘In a Strange Land’ is based on a true story and tells of the tale of a young woman, trafficked from Nigeria to England for domestic servitude to a middle class family.

Initially she is elated at the prospect of having a better life in England, but things do not go as she expected. The family she is living with forbid contact from the outside world, as well as forcing her to endure oppression, molestation, emotional torture and cruel beatings.

The postman, with whom she secretly communicates, urges her to run, however she fears deportation or imprisonment. Instead she makes a decision that sets her on a course for the unexpected.

Currently statistics show at least ten people are trafficked into the UK illegally every week, a shocking statistic, many are not aware of. ‘In a Strange Land’ serves to create, and strengthen awareness of human trafficking in the UK.

“I am extremely overwhelmed with the outcome, as I believed my aims and plans materialised. The movie is really going far in educating the public” – William Kemeh.

You can watch the trailer for In a Strange Land on YouTube.

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