The academic year is changing as of September 2018

As of September 2018, the academic year will be changing to accommodate consolidation weeks for students, and a break between teaching blocks for consolidation, some assessment and additional activities. This will result in the year ending later in June than in previous years.

These extra weeks are in response to staff and student feedback and will allow students to incorporate wider study activities into their learning to encourage engagement for the second half of the teaching block and prepare for assessments. The break between teaching blocks will also give staff an opportunity for marking and preparation before Teaching Block 2 starts.

The first week of teaching in Teaching Block 1 will incorporate induction activities, and the summer assessment period will last from mid May until 21 June 2019.

The Christmas and Easter breaks will remain the same length and tuition fees will not be impacted. Home students will be receiving a larger maintenance loan to cover the extra weeks of the year.

We have communicated this change with students via email and encouraged them to contact with any queries.

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  1. I wonder should “TEACHING BLOCK 2 ASSESSMENT PERIOD” be renamed “SUMMER ASSESSMENT PERIOD” in the link for students (key dates). Calling it TB2 Assessment period suggests (well to me anyway!) that it only assesses material covered in TB2 but in 18/19 we still have year long units.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I have sent it to for their consideration.

  2. I think reading weeks and an exam period after Christmas are a good idea (especially when we go to short-fat in the new curriculum). My concern is time for students to study for exams: this year there are over 5 weeks between the last lecture and the first exam, whereas in the new calendar there will be a weekend.

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