New Curriculum Framework for 2019

One of the big projects this calendar year, involving many staff across the University, is the alignment of our undergraduate courses with the new 2019 Curriculum Framework, so that courses run in their new format in the academic year 2019/20. The revised Curriculum Framework will allow us to ensure that a Portsmouth education continues to be recognised for the quality of the outcomes it provides.

The key Principles against which our taught courses will be reviewed and validated have been updated to reflect the ambitions laid out in the Education Strategy. The five revised Principles are:

  1. a coherent curriculum based on academic, subject and research excellence;
  2. an agile curriculum that is informed by relevant developments, innovations and
    professional practices in its subject areas;
  3. courses designed to provide an excellent, inclusive learning experience that engages
    students and promotes independence and deep learning;
  4. courses that integrate, within the core curriculum, the development of the knowledge
    and skills essential for roles in the global workforce;
  5. courses that engage students as active partners in learning, and enable continuous
    enhancement of curricula, incorporating feedback, evaluation and review into the
    design and development of the course.

These Principles are underpinned by a set of Commitments, centred on students developing the Hallmarks of the Portsmouth Graduate within their course. The Principles and Commitments have already been circulated to Faculties, and many Course Teams are already considering what changes may be required to align courses within this new Framework.

A Curriculum Framework Steering Group, together with two Work Streams, have prepared a set of operational documentation to aid the revision of Courses and Modules, which we have shared with Faculties. This includes mapping templates and a checklist, and a new Assessment for Learning Policy, so that Course Teams can think holistically about what students will achieve by studying their course and being part of the Portsmouth community (whether in person or at distance). This is a key driver behind the whole exercise, and we hope that Course Teams will embrace the opportunity to make real change for the benefit of students and student outcomes.

A set of FAQS has also been provided, and sessions will be held in Faculties to answer and gather additional questions which may arise.

The Academic Development Department and the Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships team, will provide support to Course Teams as they undertake and then obtain the necessary approvals for the revisions to their courses, ably supported in each Faculty by the Associate Dean (Academic) and Faculty Validation Officer.

Each Faculty will now develop a local implementation plan and advise Course Teams on the timescales and processes to follow.

We all recognise that such a major revision of our taught courses is a considerable undertaking, but the opportunities it presents are invaluable.

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