University docked cycle scheme not to progress

Portsmouth City Council have launched an alternative ‘floating’ bike scheme as a pilot for residents and visitors, with 150 bikes available for rent via an app. A docked scheme was the University’s preferred solution as it provides greater management control, but it is more expensive to run and operate. However, following much consideration, the University has decided not to progress our planned docked cycle scheme. Competing with the city scheme may not be helpful and a single solution may be better for the city.

While we are disappointed not to be in a position to progress our scheme, we would like to thank our many supporters. Everyone that contributed to the crowdfunding will have their contribution returned, an email from crowdfunding will provide further information.

Cycling is important in any city due to the many health and environmental benefits that it brings. This is particularly so in a compact and flat island city like Portsmouth which is so perfectly suited to cycling. We will continue to look at other initiatives which support the safety and amenity of cycling in Portsmouth.

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  1. At least the university can get back the £40,000 that it put into the project and support the City Councils solution with additional funding. Perhaps we could secure some advertisement space on the bike with this money.

  2. Can we please consider the Cycle to Work Scheme again and encourage the City Council to improve the management of its cycle paths?

  3. Perhaps we can use some of the money to start getting the current cycle parking locations more secure. Richmond building easily has thousands of pounds worth of bikes locked up outside it everyday, and there’s not a single camera pointed at the locks/racks! I should know, my bike was stolen from there last year and the police couldn’t do anything because they said there was no cameras in that area

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