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Meet our apprentices

The University is pleased to announce that in October 2017, our first new apprentices were appointed. One post is based in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, and two are based in the School of Education and Childhood Studies. The apprentices are working towards their Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business and Administration. Their training is funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, which all larger employers have paid since May 2017 to fund staff training through apprenticeships.  

Below are the stories from the apprentices and the line managers sharing their experiences of the apprenticeship journey so far.

Jacob Rule

Apprentice Course Administrative Assistant

School of Education and Childhood Studies

“Before my apprenticeship I studied Music Technology and Music Performance at Portsmouth College which I greatly enjoyed.

A few of my friends had done apprenticeships and really enjoyed them. I liked the idea that I could be gaining a level three qualification whilst being on a fixed term contract for a prestigious organisation. The qualification I am studying is Business Administration and I chose this because I had already touched on business aspects of the music industry and I was interested in them, I thought I could lock into this business qualification to understand how to conduct myself well and gain vast knowledge and experience within a working business, which I am on the road to getting!

I have been working in my position for two months and I really am enjoying it. Everyone at my workplace has made me feel very comfortable and welcomed and I’m looking forward to the next two years on this course.”

Holly Parkes

Apprentice Projects Administrative Assistant

School of Education and Childhood Studies

“When I applied for this position I was coming to the end of my level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship. I was looking for a new challenge, to experience working in a larger company and different sector.

Since joining the University my knowledge of administration has developed a lot. I have gained in confidence and learnt many new skills. The support from the University, my manager and mentor has helped me develop my skills and grow as a person. It is good to have such a solid network of support behind me.

Being able to spend a day a week studying at Chichester College has enabled me to learn more of the theory behind business which I can then put into practice back in the workplace. I also enjoy being able to meet with other apprentices to discuss our experiences and challenges and share knowledge.

I have looked at doing a Degree Apprenticeship in the future to further my education and hope to continue to work at the University. I thoroughly enjoy working at the University and my apprenticeship. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.”

What their manager, Jackie Jefferson says…

“Both Holly and Jacob have different admin roles developing their different skills.  We are supporting them both to gain the specific knowledge and skills to complete their apprenticeships, so that they can perform tasks with confidence and work successfully in an admin environment.

They both add value to the teams and display a positive attitude towards their role. Staff in the department are able to support them to achieve the skills and knowledge that they have.  

We look forward to seeing them grow and develop over the next year.”

Paige Cowlishaw

Apprentice Administration Assistant

Vice-Chancellor’s Office

“I am an Apprentice Administration Assistant in the Vice-Chancellor’s office. I applied for this role as I’ve been wanting to get experience in administration for a while but couldn’t go back into full time education as I needed to work. I saw these roles come up and as I have previously been part of the Catering team in the University it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Since I started in October, I feel like I’ve grown as a person and have learnt so much. Being able to study and then use the things I’m learning in my job role has also been brilliant and it’s nice when you can walk out at the end of the week and see what you have achieved. In the future I would love to stay within the University and see where it takes me.”

Paige’s Line Manager, Shirley Boff says…

“Paige has been a welcome addition to the VC’s Office support team and has fitted in from day one. She has had a significant impact within the support team, completing administrative tasks that had long been on our ‘to do’ list and has taken over some key administrative duties within the VC’s Office.

I believe the balance of an apprentice’s workload around the office requirements, the apprenticeship requirements and the time needed for attendance at Chichester College has easily been achieved.”

The Vice-Chancellor, Graham Galbraith says…

“I am very supportive of the employee apprenticeship initiative within the University and I am, therefore, very pleased that an apprentice administrative assistant has been appointed to the support team in my office. I now see first hand how valuable this experience is to the apprentice and to the rest of the team and would wholeheartedly recommend that departments engage in the scheme wherever possible.”

All faculties/schools/departments in the University can consider recruiting an apprentice to bring new talent to their teams.

Learn more about our apprenticeship scheme and see what programmes are on offer.

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