Snow update

The University is currently open as the campus has not been affected by the snow. If you are unable to get to your teaching sessions due to areas affected, please contact your school or department to let them know.

If there are any changes to your teaching sessions or classes are cancelled, you should be notified by your school or department.

If the campus becomes significantly affected by the snow and a decision is made to close the University, we will provide updates via email and on the UoP News student pages.

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  1. I have a class in 30 minutes and the weather is really bad with snow and wind storm at the same time . I have not gotten an email at this moment but I heard some people talking about class getting cancelled . I don’t know if the campus has been affected but it will be hard walking to the campus .

    • Please contact your department or school’s administrative office to check about any cancellations or if you are unable to attend due to the weather.

  2. 3pm Thursday 1st: probably time somebody looked out of the window and took an executive decision on this for the rest of today and tomorrow.

    • The University will remain open but a decision will be made early tomorrow morning and an update posted on UoP News.

  3. when will there be an update on tomorrow? I commute to university and i’m scheduled to have a presentation tomorrow at 10 and i’m a bit worried about getting in.

    • The University will currently be open tomorrow but check UoP News tomorrow morning for updates in case the situation changes and also check with your department administrative office if you are unsure if your teaching sessions are cancelled or not.

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