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ICG Professor nominated to sit on NASA Hubble Panel 2018

Professor of Astrophysics, Claudia Maraston from the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation has been nominated to sit on the NASA Hubble Panel this year to select the most prestigious fellowships in Astrophysics worldwide.

The panel, which will take place in Washington, includes experts with the greatest International reputation to select the best 24 scientists out of 350 applicants across all fields of astrophysics to undertake prestigious fellowships around the world.

Claudia will be the first from the University of Portsmouth nominated for the panel and one of few experts from the UK as it is an American funding body who usually invite few renowned European colleagues.

The finalists selected will have the chance to take part in a three year fellowship within different institutions such as Harvard and Caltech undertaking research as well as teaching and administrative duties. These institutions will scout for talent during this time whilst fellows are writing potentially famous papers and are often offered full time positions after the fellowship has ended.

The fellowships have been running since the 1990s and fellows usually go on to do big things such as Professor Harry Ferguson, now an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute and co-Principal Investigator of a three year programme using Hubble to study the most distant galaxies. Or Professor Julianne Declanton who is now leading the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury programmes on the Hubble Space Telescope and has also discovered a comet!

Claudia will act as a referee for 48 applicants and grade them before meeting with the panel at the end of January in Washington. Then the panel members will provide feedback and narrow the applicants down and must unanimously decide on the most impressive 24.

Most of the fellows will begin their fellowships in Spring time.

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