CCI Welcomes Guests from FES, Pakistan

Guests from Pakistani higher education consultants FES were welcomed to the Faculty of Creative and Cultural IndustriesUniversity of Portsmouth on 11 December 2017.

Tajammal Shah and Imran Khan were invited to tour Eldon Building, home of CCI, as part of a visit to the University of Portsmouth. The University is working to develop a relationship with FES that encourages applicants to its courses from Pakistan.

Mr Shah and Mr Khan were shown around CCI’s facilities and resources including the School of Architecture studios, the Motion Capture suite, the Fashion and Textiles laboratory and the print workshops, commonly used by Graphic Design students.

They commented on how well the University’s facilities and resources reflected industry practice, preparing students well for the transition from education to employment, and enjoyed participating in a motion capture demonstration.

Key projects for the University were also showcased, including the CGI feature film, Stina and the Wolf, and work on the new visual identity for the London Symphony Orchestra.

Mr Shah noted how the above projects demonstrated the University’s commitment to both creating opportunities to provide its students with real-life experience, and to ensuring its continued relevance by working with contemporary creative partners in industry.

Bryony Whitmarsh, Associate Dean (Global Engagement) for both the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, said working with FES was a wonderful opportunity to develop the University’s international community.

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