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History Bombs- bringing history to life

Whether you have an interest in history or may have found it rather bleak as a subject, History Bombs helps create a more engaging and fun way to learn about the past.

History Bombs is an online resource, which provides videos, worksheets and quizzes to bring history lessons to life. Their aim is to make history every student’s favourite subject and one way they do this is to use a multitude of talented actors to create captivating video content.

Jackson Davies, an International Marketing Officer within our International Office has been involved in the production of these videos since 2014 when he was approached on social media through a Facebook group for local acting jobs. Jackson had been acting in amateur productions as a pastime and decided to take part in the project that would create one-take, humorous online videos, each about a specific event in history.

The project came about by an accountant’s desire to make history more interesting for school children in the form of short videos. Chris Hobbs, the Producer, decided the style of the videos were to be filmed in one take to create short, upbeat, informative clips that can be used to help people learn about the past in a more enjoyable way.

Jackson described this style as challenging for an actor, as you only have one day to shoot the sequence and learn your lines off by heart and they would often require quick costume changes. One mistake would mean starting again but there was a sense of fun and many of the actors went on to bigger things as the experience was valuable.

One video Jackson took part in was the WW1 video which has now received 1.8 million views and with more actors and connections the project grew and in 2016 they launched more online resources for schools. Most videos are shot in Hampshire with local actors but they also shoot in historic locations around the UK and have even worked with BBC Learning.

The series has received awards for its success including, most recently, a Children’s Bafta award in the Learning category in November. Following this success we can expect History Bombs to go from strength to strength and create more resources and fun ways to learn in order to fulfill their goal of making history everyone’s favourite subject.

Check out their videos and other resources on the History Bombs website.

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