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CCI Students Host Karaoke Night with a Twist

KartaokeSeven University of PortsmouthCCI Drama and Performance students are hosting a Karaoke night with a twist, to fund a series of virtual reality workshops aimed at local women.

As part of their degree, seven Drama and Performance students have formed their own professional theatre company, Intensiv, aiming to harmonise gaming technology, with physical theatre, as illustrated in their motto ‘Get Connected, Get Physical, Get Intensiv’.

Intensiv plans to host several workshops in 2018, in which young women in the community will be involved in a simulation that will fuse VR technology with Physical Theatre, bringing into questions issues of politics, current affairs, and the mass media.

In order to fund their final event workshops, Intensiv are organising a series of highly unique fundraisers, starting with Karaoke with a Twist, taking place on Thursday 7 December 2017, allowing guests to star in their own music video!

The Southcoast Emporium will host the event, which will also feature VR games, board games, drinks, nibbles and raffle prizes to be won! So even if you don’t fancy taking part in karaoke, you can still go along for a fun filled evening.

The event will take place from 7 until 11 pm, and will undoubtedly be incredible, with the money raised going to support an incredible project, that will not only benefit seven innovative and bright University students, but also women in the local community, with the potential to go further than the local area.

Intensiv aim to give more females the opportunity to experience the fascinating world of physical theatre, in collaboration with gaming technology, and virtual reality.

The desire to appeal to women stems from statistics that indicate women are underrepresented in the gaming, and technology industry, with just 43% of the people who play video games being female.

Intensiv want to make theatre shift as the world shifts, to address issues of politics and gender in the contemporary motion of the here and now. They want to create a platform where a discourse of current events and personal politics are challenged and confronted, fusing virtual reality and physical theatre as a means of transformative expression.

In order for the fascinating workshops to take place, a large amount of money will need to be raised, so that Intensiv can cover the costs of hiring out the virtual Reality equipment, as well as renting the venue, and employing professionals to assemble operate the equipment.

Tickets can be purchased online for £4 or on the door for £5, but due to this event being extremely unique, we advise booking your tickets in advance. You can also get your tickets tickets by emailing, or by calling 07585005639.

Be sure to visit the event page, and keep up to date with Intensiv, by following them on facebook @IntensivCo, Twitter @Intensiv_co, Instagram @Intensiv_co, and Snapchat @Intensiv_co.

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