Game Jam competition

Game JamOn 12-16 December the University of Portsmouth will be running a Game Jam competition in collaboration with the CESI group of technical schools in France. Over 250 French students across 14 locations in France and Cameroon will get into teams and try to make the best computer game they can in just 3 days.

The event is organised and run by Neil Dansey, Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Technology in the School of Creative Technologies. Neil’s participation has been facilitated by funding via ERASMUS+, and this is the fifth Game Jam he has run in France with collaboration with CESI since 2009.

The event follows the same tried-and-tested format as the annual University of Portsmouth Game Jam (see for more details) but will run across 14 locations simultaneously, making it a challenge to coordinate, but with many extra benefits in terms of international partnerships and cultural exchange. Neil will be working at CESI in Rouen, supported by 4 UoP Computer Games students (Christopher Pettit-Mee, Rebecca Peddie, Sarah Ryan and Jack Eustace) who will be working in various locations around France to help maintain communications (and friendly rivalry!) between the different CESI centres throughout the event.

On the morning of Saturday 16 December each location will give awards for the best games in a number of categories, one of which will be decided by public vote. You can keep track of the event via the twitter feed @CESI_UoP or via the Facebook group “CESI/UoP Game Jam 2017”.


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