Submitting a student survey request


If either staff or students want to survey the student population, and the sample exceeds 250 students and/or is taken from more than one department or school, permission is needed from the Student Survey Request Group.

Staff and students are aware that ethical approval may be needed from the relevant Ethics Committee to run a student survey, however, it is less well known that all student surveys that fit the above criteria, whether for research or service evaluation, also need the permission of the Student Survey Request Group.

The role of the Student Survey Request Group is to ensure that all student survey proposals, consider the following:

  • ethical issues and data protection
  • evaluation and dissemination of the survey results
  • scheduling of the survey at the most appropriate time for students and the University.

The process is simple, and the Group reviews and responds to requests quickly.

The Student Survey Request site provides information on how to prepare and submit a request. The site includes a link to the request form, the time frame for submitting requests (requests will be considered twice per month), survey review criteria and advice to ensure the request is successful.

The Student Survey Request Group replaces the Student Voice Group, which used to consider these requests, and is a subgroup of the Student Experience Committee (formally known as the Student Voice Committee).

If you have a query about the student survey request process or the Student Survey Request Group please contact the Chair of the group, Jason Oakley, using

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