Being a good neighbour over the festive period

NoiseSeason’s greetings from the Student and Neighbour Liaison Team!

The end of the first term is in sight and you or your friends may be planning to celebrate with a party at your homes.

If this might apply to you then please see below for some tips on how to make it a smooth event that doesn’t cause nuisance to those around you:-

• Be considerate of your neighbours and give them warning that you are planning to have a party, both sides and maybe those across the road from you too. Remember though, this does not give you a free rein to have a huge party, with excessively loud music and everything else that comes with it…

• Agree a time to finish with your neighbours and stick to it!

• Remember, you are responsible for your guests. Ensure they leave quietly and the party does not spill out into the street causing bigger issues.

• Try to reduce the amount of noise coming from your property by watching bass levels from your music and keeping outside doors and windows closed.

• If you do receive a request to reduce the volume. Don’t forget that your neighbours probably still have to get up early to go to work, perhaps are shift workers, do school runs, elderly etc. and while the vast majority of residents will be polite when speaking to you, some might be upset if they have to come round late at night/early in the morning. Take responsibility and react positively if these situations present themselves. No one is looking to spoil your fun, just remember you have neighbours!

• Try to hold parties at the weekend as this can be more tolerable for those around you BUT do bear in the mind the advice above. A party on a Friday night lasting until 3am on a Saturday morning is still very disruptive for those around you.

• Clear up any debris, especially anything that ends up outside in your forecourt and definitely if it ends up in the street. Neighbours get particularly upset about this and it reflects poorly on the University if there is mess not cleared after a party, so make sure any bottles, silly string etc. are cleared before you go to bed – get your guests to help too.

• If you have upset your neighbours, as a household pop round and apologise in person, maybe with some festive sweets/treats. Small actions like this can go a very long way with neighbour relations and most will appreciate a nice, genuine action like this.

For more advice, including PDF versions of our “Being a good neighbour” leaflet, please visit our MyPort page by searching “good neighbour advice”.

If you are concerned about neighbour relations then please contact us:

Telephone: 02392 843214

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