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Nuffield Refurbishment Information

2544 (1)The Nuffield reception area will be undergoing refurbishment as we prepare to establish an interim hub to provide students with easy access to support services as well as learning, meeting and social spaces.

The hub will act as a Physical MyPort, which is currently a digital knowledge base for students to find information.

The digital MyPort was the first phase of a project to promote enjoyment and engagement within a community of learning, and increase student satisfaction through providing improved access to services and support effective and efficient working.

The second phase of the project is to establish an interim physical MyPort located in the Nuffield Building in early 2018 in advance of the third phase of the project- a purpose built MyPort building as part of the Estate Masterplan in 2020. This approach will allow us to pilot the service model and associated systems.

The building works taking place in the Nuffield Building are for the construction of the interim hub, and consist of:

  • Refurbishment of the reception area and change of layout to the existing offices
  • The installation of a bespoke reception desk
  • The construction of an external canopy outside the main entrance
  • Improved external signage

These works will begin in December and run through to January 2018.

The final model will provide students with access to co-located support services, social learning space, small meeting spaces, pop up events and displays, café space and close location and working with the Students’ Union.

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