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All staff and students, have unlimited access to, an on-demand library of high-quality instructional videos covering a vast range of software, business and creative skills. With more than 5,000 courses taught by industry experts – and more added every week – is designed for all levels of learners, and it’s available whenever you’re ready to learn. You can access from, directly from and with the app, you can view courses from your mobile device.

Across the University, staff and students have accessed and viewed over 1500 hours of learning so far. Content from has been embedded into Moodle as part of provision by the Graduate School, it has also been used in the Enterprise toolkit. Many students are using to support their studies, for example the top course in Creative and Cultural Industries is for 3DS Max, animation software directly relevant to some of the courses. In Science statistics tools such as SPSS are popular, while general skills such as Excel and Time Management are popular overall. can be used by staff to to gain new skills or help with a specific task. A member of IS needed to find a way to make documents easily available to colleagues. They were able to achieve this by setting up a team web page after using the Google Sites course in

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