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Keep it legal: ask the Library to scan everything you need for your students

open-book-library-education-read-159621If you are a member of staff and would like to make a digital copy of a book chapter, journal article or magazine available to students on a specific unit then the Library will arrange this for you.

Please do not scan published material yourself and upload the pdfs to Moodle. These will not get reported to the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), which is a requirement of our licence, and are likely to infringe copyright.

All requests for digital copies should be made via the Request Digitisation option within an electronic reading list. Talis (the company that supplies our reading list system) and the CLA have entered into an agreement which means that all scans undertaken by the library will be reported automatically to the CLA. This replaces the annual CLA Digital Copy Record Form.

By using our Request Digitisation service:

  • we can guarantee that the request will meet the requirements of the CLA HE Licence
  • the University will be copyright compliant
  • the students will get a high-quality scan they can view, print or download directly from the reading list
  • all digital copies will be automatically reported to the CLA

More information about how to request a digitisation can be found here..

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