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GTC members vote to become the Guild of Television Camera Professionals

unnamed (2)The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries‘ Ben Thompson recently attended the GTC‘s EGM on 18th July 2017 with the proposal to change the full name of the GTC to the Guild of Television Camera Professionals.

We are pleased to report that Ben’s proposal to change the name was approved.  Graham Maunder, Guild of Television Camera Professionals Chair, explains that the new name is more inclusive of all of the group’s members.

“I’m positive that the name will very quickly become second nature and will help explain what GTC stands for,” he says. “May I just take this opportunity firstly to thank all the Council members for their hard work on this process over the last 6 months and also to thank all the members who suggested names, voted on those names, took part in the discussions and turned up for the EGM where the motion was voted on.”

Ben Thompson said “This is a real win for gender inclusivity.  I personally feel proud to have contributed to this positive change”.

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