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ATM security

scam-2048851_1920We have had confirmed reports that the security of the ATM located at the Co-op store outside the Students’ Union has been compromised. A skimming device had been placed on the machine allowing the cards to be retained within the ATM and a device was used to capture pin numbers.
The ATM is not owned by the University however is used by staff and students. If you have used this machine recently you are advised to contact your bank.
The skimming device has since been removed from the machine but please be extra vigilant when using cash machines located around the campus and surrounding areas. The police are investigating.
  • Check the cash machine every time you use it.
  • Always cover the keypad when entering your PIN and don’t make it obvious which buttons you’re pressing.
  • Take a look around you. If someone’s standing too close, get your card back without withdrawing any money and walk away.
  • Your safety is the most important thing. Don’t approach anyone you think has been acting suspiciously and if you find loose parts on the machine leave them where they are and report it to the police.
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  1. I think something like this should be sent in an all staff email as it could easily get hidden on the Staff Essentials homepage.

  2. Could there also be a bit of advice on what a ‘skimming device’ looks like, so we know what kind of things we are looking for?

  3. Could you clarify recently as used machine about a month I assume this is too long as any device would be spotted when machine refilled.

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