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Fun Christmas lectures captivate school children

Science lectureThe University has recently hosted three Christmas lectures, delivered by the Faculty of Science and coordinated by Recruitment and Outreach’s UP for Juniors, UP for Uni and Post-16 teams.

‘What Grows Between Santa’s Toes?’, delivered by Dr Joy Watts and team from the School of Biological Sciences, took excited, primary age children on a festive exploration of the microbial make up, good and bad, of Santa’s socks. Highlights included discovering giant microbes in a chilly Santa sock, being sneezed on with glittery sneezes, seeing real microbes enlarged under a powerful microscope and smelling Santa’s feet. One child commented that Santa’s feet were ‘very cheesy’.

For college age groups ‘Microbes, Friend or Foe?’ delivered lots of new micro content again from Dr Joy Watts and her team.

The secondary school’s sports science lecture actively engaged Year 9s in a tour of energy and consumption through bike-powered Christmas trees, live O2 consumption curves and disco dancing led by Dr Jo Corbett, Dr Zoe Saynor, Dr Ant Shepherd and Dr Denise Hill. Special guest ‘Barry Wiggans’ cycled and grew in body size to demonstrate the impact of consumption versus fitness while Dr Denise Hill got Year 9s on their feet dancing to explore the psychology of their sporting performance.

Dr Darren Gowers from the Faculty of Science said:
‘I talked to several of the teachers at each event, who were highly impressed and said that it backed up their various Juniors topics and A-level/BTEC syllabus work. Our visitors had a great time, with plenty of interactive activities, a fun delivery style and lots of new content and facts to take home’.


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