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Young filmmaker strikes right chord

Top tribute: A screenshot from Oliver’s stop-motion film

Top tribute: A screenshot from Oliver’s stop-motion film

A University of Portsmouth film production student who made a fan video in tribute to a band he’s followed since he was a teenager was amazed when they adopted it as their official video.

The stop-motion film made using Lego was Oliver Moore’s labour of love for the song Headlights, by New York based We Are Scientists.

Oliver, 23, said the band was his first musical obsession.

“I loved everything about them, not only their incredible music, but also their awesome funny music videos and their funny personalities,” he said.

When he found himself with some time on his hands, he decided to try paying them a tribute.

Ecstatic: Oliver Moore

Ecstatic: Oliver Moore

He bought a camera, a Panasonic Lumix Fz72, and despite having no experience in stop-motion filming, followed some online tutorials and got on with it. More than 3,000 pictures taken over two months followed by a lot of editing later, the film was finished.

Oliver posted it on his YouTube channel and then emailed the link to the band “and prayed and hoped”.

Within just a few hours he’d received an email from one of the band praising the video and asking if they could post it on their YouTube channel.

“I was ecstatic,” Oliver said. “He told me how much the band liked it. I was beyond elated.”

Then it got even better.

The band’s label, 100% Records, had also seen it and wanted to use it as the official video on the band’s VEVO page.

Oliver re-formatted the video and sent it off, thinking that was the end of it.

“I was waiting excitedly for the video to go live, but then I was given even more good news.

“We Are Scientists were touring close to where I lived so they gave me a free ticket and I was put on the band’s guest list. The concert was amazing and they even gave me a shout out before they played Headlights.

I got to meet them backstage afterwards. We had a great nonsense chat and it was an incredible fan experience; a perfect night from such a simple fan tribute.”

Making music videos might now become an ambition for the student who, until now, had been thinking about becoming a playwright.

He said: “I love music and the short video format and both together is the dream job for me. With music videos you have the freedom to create in whatever medium, whether it be live action, animation or illustrations.

“We Are Scientists were the first band that showed me making music videos could be a career Nobody Move Nobody Gets Hurt, a single off their first album, really showed me that music videos weren’t just singing into the camera, they could so much more creative.”

If he could choose any band to make his next video for it would be The Beatles or American band LCD Soundsystem because “their eclectic music inspires a lot of creativity”.

“I’ve always wanted to do music videos but never really had the opportunity until I bought my own camera and had some time to himself. I’ve already started pre-production on my next video and I hope that boosts my portfolio and garners more attention for me to get a job doing this full time.”

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