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Bonfire night reminders from the Student and Neighbour Liaison Service

557649_10152244488450383_803985818_nIt’s that time of year again and Bonfire night is upon us!

Please remember that as members of the University of Portsmouth, you are also members of the wider Portsmouth community which is made up of a wide and diverse range of people who are likely to live different lifestyles to you and your housemates.

If you are out and about over the weekend and in the coming evenings, attending bonfire parties or hosting them, please consider your neighbours. Many of them may be elderly or work shifts and may have to get up early in the morning so please follow these tips to keep good neighbour relations:

  • When walking back home late at night, please keep the noise down and do not stand outside in the street talking into the early hours of the morning – you may not realise how loud you sound at night.
  • If you are getting a taxi back home, please do not slam taxi or front doors as noise such as this will disturb your sleeping neighbours in the middle of the night.
  • If you are having a party, give your neighbours plenty of warning and a rough time you expect it to end (and stick to the agreed finishing time!).
  • Respond positively if you are asked to keep the noise down – remember you are representing the University in the city.
  • You are responsible for your guests’ behaviour as well as your own – make sure people leave quietly.

Bonfire Night stay safe tips
Follow the advice from Hampshire Fire andRescue for a fun but safe night of explosions and sparkles.

  • If you host a firework party in your garden, it is best to end your display by 11pm at the latest to prevent upsetting surrounding neighbours late into the night.
  • Always follow safety instructions on boxed and individual fireworks on how to use them safely
  • It goes without saying, don’t drink alcohol when using fireworks.
  • Never use petrol or any kind of accelerant to light or fuel a fire.
  • Keep a bucket/bowl or two of water close by (particularly for putting in sparklers that you have finished with. No one likes burnt fingers…)

For more safety tips about firework and bonfire safety, check out the Hants Fire and Rescue website.

We would advise attending one of the many organised displays in the local area (the Gunwharf Quays one is particularly good). Check out this link if you want to know where to go.

If you would like advice on how to build a good relationship with your neighbours or are having difficulties with noise from your neighbours or housemates and would like to speak to someone in the Student Neighbour Liaison Service, please call 023 9284 3214 or email We are here for you!

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