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Smoking cessation

downloadAre you ready for a lifestyle change this October? Do you keep putting off giving up?

Did you know that if you can manage to quit smoking for the duration of the NHS Stoptober campaign (28 days) you’re 5 times more likely to be successful at quitting for good?


To start you challenge, prepare by downloading the app, sign up to receive daily email support, information on stop smoking medicines and e-cigarettes and a free information pack, visit the Stoptober website.

If you’d rather give up with face to face support, you’re 4 times more likely to give up with support than alone. Local Healthy Living pharmacies are offering a smoking cessation service. Below is a link to a list of Healthy living pharmacies in the local area;

Advice and support on smoking cessation is free, but Nicotine replacement therapies are available for the cost of a prescription unless you are exempt. Healthy Living Pharmacies offer a 4 week course for the cost of a prescription (£8.40) offering two nicotine replacement products each week, with weekly check-ups to monitor the exhaled carbon dioxide levels in breath through a smokelyzer machine. There is also the possibility of extending the 4 week period.

For some top tips for successful smoking cessation and further information, please visit:

How do I stop smoking?


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