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Advice for Dropbox users

UoPportraitPUR300dpiDropbox is not supported by the University of Portsmouth. If you plan to use Dropbox for data sharing or collaborative activities then you should have the approval of your Head of Department who must take responsibility for your actions and be fully aware of both the risks and the implications with regard to UoP policies.

Personal data about staff, students, research participants or other individuals must not be stored on Dropbox. Never use your UoP network password to log in to your Dropbox account. The University may hold staff accountable for a breach where data is stored in an unapproved cloud service.

The relevant policies which apply in this area are:

  • Research data: Life cycle and archiving help/research/researchdata/
  • Retention Policy (see Document Warehouse)
  • Data Protection Policy (see Document Warehouse)
  • Freedom of Information Policies (see Document Warehouse)

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