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Arts festival date for Portsmouth astronomer

Dr Dida Markovic, right, and Dr Zaz Magic of the Entropy project. Picture:

Dr Dida Markovic, right, and Dr Zaz Magic of the Entropy project. Picture:

A University of Portsmouth astronomer will bring together the worlds of art and science in a ground-breaking performance to be unveiled at a festival in the Netherlands.

Dr Dida Markovic, a researcher at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, is jointly leading the public engagement project, called Entropy, set to be premiered at TodaysArt Festival 2016 in The Hague this autumn.

She is joining forces with electronic musician Heinrich Mueller and fellow astronomer Dr Zaz Magic, a researcher at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, to deliver science talks within a digital art performance.

As well as giving the talks, the two astronomers have been involved in the choice of music, while Mueller – who came up with the idea and is one half of electronic music duo Dopplereffekt – has been involved in the choice of visuals and the composition and delivery of the talks.

Dr Markovic said: “I initially got involved in the project out of curiosity in 2011. Since then I have learned not to take for granted how we speak about science and art. I am extremely excited to see our hard work come to fruition this autumn.”

The show consists of two hour-long lectures on cosmology and stellar astrophysics accompanied by electronic music tracks and sound effects, composed by Mueller and the astronomers.

It also incorporates a set of high-definition visualisations of real scientific data, created by digital arts label Antivj.

The show has been created with the help of a Science and Technology Facilities Council Public Engagement Large Award in 2015.

There are plans to release of some of the project tools as a resource for the scientific and artistic communities to use and develop.

The show will launch its tour at the TodaysArt Festival 2016 on September 23 and 24.

To follow the developments, sign up for the Entropy mailing list at or follow Entropy on Twitter.



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