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Estates and Campus Services update

Our estate extends across 68 non-residential buildings and 23 residential buildings, playing fields and open parkland. Find out in this Estates and Campus Services update what we are doing to develop a flexible physical environment through campus improvements, major projects and what is coming next for the team.

Improving our campus

ParkPark Building – £2 million has been invested in restoring the roof of the Park Building to its former glory. Park Building is grade II listed and is one of a small group of imposing Portland stone buildings which make a major contribution to the grandeur of the Guildhall Square Conservation Area and our city centre. The Conservation Officer from Portsmouth City Council visited the site and said ‘The University has ‘gone the extra mile’ and it really shows. The job is a credit to you, your team, the contractors and the University.’

The work was also put forward for the National Federation of Roofing Contractors Heritage Roofing Award. From over 70 projects, our project successfully made the final four.

cycle racksImproving bicycle storage – investment has been made into cycle storage to address the problem of bicycles being locked in unsuitable places on campus.

Over 100 new hoops have been added across the campus by the Library, St Andrew’s Court, Burnaby and Anglesea buildings, and old style bike storage has been replaced with hoops. The hoops are easier to use and improve wheel security when using a quality D lock and cable. New 2-tier cycle racks have also been installed in the northern quarter as mentioned in the last FTC Update.

Library toilet refurbishment – we are improving the Library facilities for our students. As part of this the ground floor toilets are being refurbished and new toilets are being put in on both the first and second floors.

Unite negotiations complete – the three halls of residence (James Watson, Trafalgar and Margaret Rule) that are currently leased by the University will be transferring back to Unite this year. As part of this, a number of Estates and Campus Services staff will transfer to Unite.

We will still retain the lease of the ground floor of James Watson and the cycle storage provision will remain available for students. Please can staff use alternatives such as Harry Law.

As part of the agreement, Unite will be carrying out a full refurbishment of Margaret Rule this year and there is a replacement programme over the term of the agreement for James Watson and Trafalgar. Together, the four properties will provide 2,222 bedrooms in a range of en-suite, cluster flats and studios.


Major projectsFuture Technology Centre

Future Technology Centre (FTC) – the enabling works have been completed and construction is due to commence shortly. Due to the time between works we are pleased that Portland car park has been re-opened for a short period. For more information look out for the monthly FTC updates.


What’s next?

SAC map1.jpgSt Andrew’s Court remodeling – to accommodate the Nursing programme in January 2017, Building 2 will be remodelled to accommodate simulation suites and, learning and teaching facilities. We will also provide additional pooled teaching accommodation across part of two upper floors to help address a need identified by the space utilisation survey carried out in Autumn 2015.

The pooled teaching space will also be beneficial to the International College Portsmouth, which will continue to be accommodated in Building 2 of St Andrews Court. Information Services, Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity teams will relocate to Building 1, ensuring space is allocated efficiently and consistently across departments. Estates and Campus Services, Marketing and Communications, and DCQE office accommodation and training space will be moved to Mercantile House.

Mercantile.jpgMercantile House refurbishment – due to tight timescales for moving departments out of St Andrew’s Court there will be a two phased project to upgrade Mercantile House.

The first phase is due to commence at the beginning of June, with space being allocated efficiently and effectively, and refurbishment taking place over six floors. This will accommodate the displaced staff from Estates and Campus Services, Marketing and Communications, and DCQE. The Islamic Prayer Room will remain on floor zero.

Once further work is complete on scoping phase 2 we will share this with you.

libraryLibrary roof – We are preparing to appoint a contractor to carry out works on the Library roof that will address the issue with leaks. We aim to start the works this summer.

Strategy for student accommodation 2015 to 2025 – the Board of Governors approved our strategy that will provide a hall place to all first year home and EU students who make this University a firm choice and apply for hall accommodation, on the basis of the current conversion factor, by 2017. This aims to increase student satisfaction levels and provide a more attractive halls of residence offer that supports the student recruitment strategic objectives.

To develop this, Estates and Campus Services will build a wider portfolio of student accommodation in partnership with recognised providers, and grow our own portfolio targeted at a more affordable end of the rental ladder, including accommodation for students with more complex accommodation needs. Feasibility studies will be carried out to determine whether Bateson and Burrell hall can be remodelled, as well as carrying out appraisals of potential city centre sites for student accommodation.


I would encourage you to comment on this update if you have any feedback. I look forward to updating you on progress in the next Estates and Campus Services update.

Fiona Bell
Director of Estates and Campus Services

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  1. I must say the move from St Andrews Court has been handled absolutely dreadfully. There was no consultation with staff, who are being forced to move at a very busy time of year into completely inappropriate open-plan offices. Clearly the announcements have been held back until such a time as it is no longer possible to change the plans due to “budgetary and planning considerations”.

    “Space being allocated efficiently and effectively” basically means shove everyone into the same space, regardless of the requirements of their jobs, because after all, we’re all just drones.

    A really shocking way to treat staff and a sure fire way to lose valuable staff and demotivate those who stay. Well done.

    • I am sorry that you feel unhappy with the communications and timing of the relocation of staff to Mercantile. The timing has been driven not by budgets but by the need to prepare SAC for the new nursing contract, which has a very clear timeline that we must work to and has meant that the development of plans and move dates are all very swift.

      We appreciate that this has meant significant disruption to the staff who are being affected by the relocation and are very grateful for their understanding. We now have plans which we have shared with departmental contacts and will endeavor to keep you informed as the project moves forward.

  2. The investment in the cycle hoops is great, but with Mercantile and James Watson secure cycle sheds closing there are very limited secure places to store bikes.

    Is there a plan to invest in secure bike storage to replace was is being lost? I think that if these places are lost then more people will be driving into Uni as there are so little secure places to store bikes.

  3. Jeremy
    I am really pleased to inform you that the bicycle storage in James Watson can be used until further notice. The bicycle storage in Harry Law underground car park can also be used and improvements to this storage are being assessed for the future. I will also watch for any other opportunities to provide weather proof and secure bicycle storage.

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