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Reporting your digital copies

If you have scanned extracts from books, journals or magazines, or taken text or still images from works published in electronic format, and made these available to students via MoodLibraryle (for example), then you are required to report the copies you have made. If you have requested the scans through the library’s reading list software (which is the recommended, and easiest, way), this will be done automatically for you.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Comprehensive HE Licence permits us to scan extracts from printed books, journals and magazines. Every year the University is required to compile a record of bibliographic and course-related details for every digital copy prepared and distributed under licence.

The Library uses a module called Talis Aspire Digitised Content that works with our Talis Aspire electronic reading list software. If you request a digitisation through a reading list then the annual report is generated automatically, so there is no need to report it separately. There’s more information about requesting digitisations here.

In cases where departments have been creating digital copies for use in course-based collections without using the Digitised Content system, Heads of Departments must ensure that a CLA HE Digital Copy Record Form is manually completed. This year we have to report all Digital Copies (produced by scanning from print or by copying from Digital Material, except website material) that have been made available in the reporting period 1 June 2015 to 31 May 2016. A guide to completing the Digital Copy Record Form can be found here.

Fully completed forms should be returned by email to no later than Monday 6 June 2016.

The Library will collate all the returns and submit a single form to the CLA before the 15 June deadline.

Remember, it’s much simpler and more efficient if the Library does the scanning for you on our high quality ‘Bookeye 4 Professional’ book scanner. If you did it yourself this year, please consider requesting digitisation via a reading list next time.

Staff are reminded that the permission to prepare and distribute digital copies via a course collection is restricted to ‘Designated Persons’ and that all such copies are deposited in a course repository within the University’s VLE. Scanning something yourself and placing the pdf on Moodle without complying with the CLA Licence, is likely to be a copyright infringement.

Full guidelines are provided on the CLA’s website.


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