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Update on new digital student portal

Last Autumn we announced a new initiative for a web-based one-stop-shop for student support and advice, providing our students with better, easier and consistent access to services and information. This is something we see happening across the sector, and not only will it provide better access to services for students but it also helps us to remain competitive. Roisin Gwyer, University Librarian, continues to lead the team.  We are now making rapid strides on this project and can now share some of the progress and next steps. 52698

We have decided on a name: MyPort was a popular name based on feedback from student focus groups. While we already have a ‘MyPort,’ the project board felt that this was something we could capitalise on, as students already know it as a repository for information, therefore will be a natural place for students to go to. The new MyPort will encompass all the functions of the old site plus much more.

The project will be delivered in stages and the first phase will be a single web page acting as a gateway to a wealth of information and articles about our student services, as well as enabling students to solve queries themselves by providing them with good information and tools. A new search facility will mean users can seek answers to their questions or can search the most recent ‘FAQs’ making popular items easy to find. This will all available via mobile phone, tablet and computer and is planned to be available for September.

A second project phase will look at solving less straightforward queries. This may encompass an online service for students to raise queries digitally, enabling students and support staff to keep track of queries and ensure they are dealt with effectively. We are continuing to develop the initiative, with input both from staff and students to ensure that we design the most effective and responsive solution.

We are still defining the next stages of the project and I will update you further in due course. Meanwhile, some staff in our support services will have been contacted already by members of the project team to help inform the product development.

Chief Operating Officer, Bernie Topham, said that the aim of all this work is to meet changing student expectations and to ensure that we are working in a joined up way across the University.
She said: “I am incredibly excited about this work, which I know is going to help all of us deliver an even better student experience that we can be truly proud of.”

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