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Couple travel 5,000 miles to study together

When married couple Masuda Tonima and Anim Hossain decided to study an MSc in Electronic Engineering, they were happy to travel 5,000 miles for it – because the University of Portsmouth offered the perfect course.

The former teachers relocated from Dhaka, in Bangladesh, to the UK to study on the same year-long course together.

In addition to offering exactly the programme they wanted, the University attracted Masuda and Anim with its affordable tuition fees, its position in university league tables and its high student satisfaction rating.

Masuda said that she and her husband were very impressed so far.

“We feel like we fit right in here, with everyone being so friendly and welcoming. The cultural differences only make it more interesting when meeting new people. Everyone at the University – both classmates and tutors – are very helpful, it’s almost like we’re with family.

“Apart from the weather – which seems to change every hour – everything’s been great.

“We would definitely recommend the University to other international students.”

The couple had both completed degree courses in Bangladesh before coming to the UK – Masuda in applied physics and electronics, and Anim in electrical and electronic engineering.

Masuda said: “Since I wanted to complete a PhD in the same subject as my undergraduate thesis, I chose to do my MSc in Portsmouth because of its well-recognised signal processing teachers, which will help me with my PhD research in astronomy.

“My husband chose to further his studies in the same path that he started out on. Hopefully it will lead us both to our dream PhD.”

One of the other advantages of studying at the University of Portsmouth, say the couple, is that its central position on the south coast makes it a convenient base for visiting other parts of the UK.

Anim said: “If we get enough time the UK has a long list of places we’d like to see before we leave. We visited Stonehenge, which is just over 60 miles away, and the experience of seeing one of the oldest monuments in the world left us literally speechless.”

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