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Estates masterplan exhibition and survey

As part of a year-long consultation on a potential masterplan for the University campus, all staff and students are invited to an exhiexhibition resizedbition of emerging themes developed by our consultants, Architecture PLB.

Various groups of staff around the University have already been consulted and this is an opportunity for you to view the exhibition and share your thoughts as to how the University campus might be developed. This is a challenging project as we evaluate our many buildings and spaces and assess how we will want to use and develop them in the future to support our vision.

The events will run over four days in October and on two of the days there will be an opportunity to speak with our architects. The displays will also include some exciting ideas about the campus from some of our own architecture students.

The events are taking place on view on the following dates/locations and there is no need to book:

The University Library foyer: Thursday 1 October 8.30am – Friday 2 October 4.00pm (Architects PLB attending on 1 October)

Portland Building Atrium: Monday 5 October 9.00am – Tuesday 6 October 6.00pm (Architects PLB attending on 6 October)


We are very interested to hear your views about how the existing facilities, building and external spaces influence your experience of working at the University. The data provided will be treated as confidential and participation is completely anonymous (no respondent’s name will ever appear in any research findings report).

Please click here to take part in the survey.


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