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Youngsters on university tourist trail

I spy: Taking the long view from the Spinnaker Tower.

I spy: Taking the long view from the Spinnaker Tower.

Hampshire secondary school youngsters had a taste of university life during a free school holiday event.

A group of 21 children from 15 different schools spent the day at the University of Portsmouth during a free UP for Uni summer event.

The group, aged 11 to 15, took part in a tourism activity day where they learned about tour-guiding and visitor attraction management. The session involved the children writing and delivering their own tour of the university campus. The youngsters used headsets and microphones to introduce a fully interactive hands-on experience.

The workshop helped with group-working, confidence-building, planning and presentation skills. The children were also asked to think about different customer needs when planning an excursion to ensure that each visitor has a good time.

In the afternoon Emirates Spinnaker Tower new business co-ordinator Jane Chivers gave a presentation to the group about the venue and how it aims to create events that include different sections of the community. Then the children had the opportunity to visit the Tower and made suggestions to make the venue more appealing to teenagers.

Tricks of the trade: Learning the art of tourism.

Tricks of the trade: Learning the art of tourism.

UP for Uni project officer Claudia Bradshaw said: “These days are a good way of showing youngsters all the different opportunities that attending university can offer. Today was also great fun and gives local young people the chance to have a go at something different with new friends.”

Other free summer holiday events have included taking part in a real-life project updating maps to help aid agencies, code-breaking and programming circuit boards to make games and musical instruments.

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