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Games courses gain industry approval

Dr Mark Eyles

Dr Mark Eyles

Two computer games courses at the University of Portsmouth have been praised for creating highly employable graduates.

The BScs in Computer Games Technology and Computer Games Enterprise are the first to be recognised by The Independent Game Developers Association (TIGA) for providing students with skills valued by the industry.

Dr Mark Eyles, Computer Games Technology course leader from the School of Creative Technologies, worked on the design of the TIGA accreditation system as educational advisor.

He said: “Having played a key part in developing the system I knew that accrediting our own games courses was going to be a rigorous process. TIGA thoroughly examined both the content of our courses and how successful our graduates have been in finding work that uses the game development skills they gained while studying.

“After researching the destinations of our graduates we discovered that over 60 per cent were finding work in the games, or closely-related, industries.”

During the accreditation process course documentation was examined and the University was visited by a committee of industry and academic experts.

Dr Eyles said: “I was really pleased when the committee recommended that our courses be granted accreditation. By participating in this initiative Portsmouth further strengthens its ties with industry and ensures that students gain strong employability skills.”

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, praised both courses for providing graduates with industry relevant skills that will enable them to work in the games industry or start their own businesses.

He said: “The computer games enterprise course gives students a solid grounding in graphics, programming, design and management while being allowed to develop expert skills in an area of their choosing. This will hold them in good stead when it comes to building and managing a business in the games industry.”

The report also praised the number of lecturers who have been practitioners in the industry, which helps students gain relevant skills.

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