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Early December pay day

You will receive your pay for December 2013 on Wednesday 18 December rather than Tuesday 31 December. December payslips are currently being distributed.

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  1. Why is the practice of pay going in half way through a month benefiting anybody trying to budget.December’s pay should go in at the end of the month and help those on a tight budget to get through Christmas and not having to wait 6 weeks before any money goes in to their account.

  2. I agree. There is no reason why we cannot be paid normally at the end of the month. I was helpfully told by someone years ago to just ‘move it into a savings account and move back at the end of the month’. All well and good but what about those that don’t have access to savings? Or who live week by week financially?

  3. Hello Barry and Victoria,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Like most employers, we pay staff early in December and this is generally welcomed by staff. It is a consequence of the University’s closure for the Winter break, as authorised staff need to be available in case of any problems with the BACS transfers which means that the process needs to be completed before the University closure period.

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