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December 2013

Portsmouth palaeontologist advised on Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

A University of Portsmouth palaeontologist worked as a creature designer and technical consultant on Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, the epic new dinosaur film which allows the audience to experience what it was really…

I want that job!

A new employability programme led by experts and employers.

Research and Innovation Services bulletin

Latest news and events. (19 December)

Christmas holiday fire strikes

Three dates over the Christmas and New Year period.

Darwin watching Pan

Chimps learn food preparation from each other – just like humans

The practice of learning to prepare food by watching others may have roots in our closest living relative – the chimpanzee. Scientists have discovered that chimpanzees learn how to open and prepare fruit…

Early December pay day

Pay due on Wednesday 18 December 2013.

Seasonal stress solutions from Occupational Health

Stress reduction strategies.

Students’ coursework impresses multinational

Three marketing students at Portsmouth Business School managed to pull off a marketing coup of their own when they sent their university project to a major international company. The trio’s marketing plan for…

Communicator issue 42

Now available online.

Portland car park

Long-term closure.

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